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Arden Jewelry Manufacturing

Committed. Collaborative. Creative.

Uncompromising Commitment

Arden brings exceptional products to life with an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer care. A full-service manufacturer located in the heart of The Ocean State, our deep knowledge of the fashion industry has led to over 8 decades of exclusively curated collections for the brands we're loyal to.

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Arden's creative process encompasses customer collaboration, well-thought research and design, and an unwavering continuation to producing high-quality amazing pieces, every day.

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Unmatched Experience and Creativity

Since 1937 Arden Jewelry Manufacturing has combined unmatched experience and creativity to produce unique pieces that have defined the jewelry manufacturing industry. Our experts constantly draw on new inspiration, traveling the world to ensure we leave no jewel unseen. 

We Do More Than Jewelry...

With our extensive design and development experience, Arden can create a number of lifestyle goods for your business.

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